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Evening Secret Blog – Salmon Fishing Tip: Make Your Own Salmon Bait

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There are times when you just can?t find any suitable bait for salmon fishing. I?ve looked at some of the dried vacuum packed salmon eggs at sporting goods stores but frankly I think you may just be wasting your money trying to catch a salmon using that so called bait.The following is a recipe for tuna balls that really makes good salmon bait. I?ve caught fall salmon using tuna balls fished below bobbers in tidewaters. Also up river after fishing a hole for 15 to 20 minutes, I have switched to t…

Deep Sea Shark Eyes are Adapted to Hunt Photons in the Twilight Zone
The deep sea is home to some unusual and startling creatures that rely which may aid in adjusting to counter-illumination or in using bioluminescence to camouflage the fish. The researchers also found a gap between the lens and the iris that allows

Deep-sea skate fish washes up on Spanish Banks, but UBC expert doesn’t think it’s anything too unusual
A stingray-like skate has washed up on the shores of Vancouver.In an email with photos of the skate sent to The Province, Marie King said she found the bottom-feeding fish at Spanish Banks during low tide Sunday afternoon.Eric Taylor, director of the Beaty


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