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As opposed to traditional fishing, fly fishing requires a different skill set and many different tools necessary to have a successful and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, fly fishing, have derived its name from the bait that fly fishermen use, utilizes a number of different synthetic flies in an effort to attract different types of fish. Subsequently, having a number of different flies on hand is imperative to the fly fishing experience. Of course, there are additional items necessary to …

Mangalore: Ominous beginning to fishing season – Two drown, three boats capsize
Mangalore, Aug 12: The first day of the new fishing season, which began on Sunday August 10 after the period of ban placed on deep sea fishing ended, had more bad news than good for the fishermen folk. Three of the fishing boats capsized, several faced

Ministry mulls tuna fishing deep sea port
The government is planning to construct a fishery port, in a move aimed to manage, control and increase revenues collected from the fishery industry especially from tuna fishing industry in the country. Currently tuna fishing is conducted by large fishing

Deep Sea Lobstering
Caption: Lobsters winter over in deep waters offshore, so some lobstermen choose to outfit for fishing there year round. The traps are connected on strings, which are pulled up over the side of the boat, emptied of their catch, rebated, and then are


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