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When you think of a state to go fishing in, there are few places in the country that conjure up more beautiful pictures in a persons mind than the great state of Montana. Montana is full of open spaces, very few people, and a lot of fish?.especially trout. The state of Montana is home to many species of fish, but the grand daddy of all of them has to be the trout. There have been movies made and many books written about the trout fishing in the state of Montana. The reason for this has to be…

5 Tips for selecting the right crappie guides
Finding the right crappie guide is vital to the experience you will have. There are some that are very professional, fun, and they can take you to the ideal locations. Others unfortunately have old equipment and they aren’t very good at communicating. They don’t really know much about this type of fishing, but they do […]

How Many Rigs Are Too Many?
How many striped bass rigs do you take with you? When I am jump-fishing for striped bass, I take at least four rods rigged and ready to go with me, and have the close at hand. Jump fishing is fast and furious, and you don’t want to waste time re-rigging a rod when the action […]


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August 27, 2014 at 8:00 pm

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