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Evening Secret Blog – Why You Don’t Need To Leave The House With Bass Fishing Games

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Technology has spread it’s tentacles into many areas of our lives. Today’s society has become computer bound however, it’s always nice to be able to grab the fishing gear, load up the truck and head off for a weekend of bass fishing somewhere.So where do we go? Our computer of course! But I thought the whole idea was to get out and stretch the legs, enjoy nature and reel in a live fish or two? Bass fishing games are the answer for those held prisoner by their PC or desktop.It was inevitable; we …

Ohio business aims to battle ‘catfishing’
Michael Bergman had been dating his wife-to-be for about six months when she came clean: She’d done a background check on him when they started dating. Or tried to, anyway. The couple had met speed dating, and Bree Rosen wanted to do her due diligence by

Body Slams and Catfishing: This Week in Sports Fan F**kery
Wild’n in the bleachers is a time-honored American tradition, like backyard barbecues and butt chugging. To pay respect to these ticket-carrying, oftentimes faded heroes of the tailgate, Complex News anchor Sean Evans is counting down the 10 most

Massingale brothers win Big Cat Quest catfish tournament
We love coming to New Madrid. We catfish all over the country and this community comes out and supports catfishing as good as any. When you pull that fish out of the livewell they make you feel like you are a rock star or something. Daryl Massingale agreed

Fishing Report
Chinquapins are slow. Catfishing is fair on trotlines and yo-yos baited with cut bait, blood and cheese baits. For more information, call Brown’s Landing at 318-259-6649 or the Honey Hole at 323-8707. CHENIERE LAKE: The lake level is down three feet.


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