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Fiji Inshore / Reef Pattern (The ?I don?t care spread?)The Fiji islands enjoy a whole variety of sport fish species from reef dwelling coral trout to oceanic blue marlin. Whilst we usually target particular species aboard our game fishing vessels here at Matava in Fiji, Bite Me and Offensive Tackle, we sometimes take resort guests out simply to catch dinner and have fun doing so.It’s general fishing (Otherwise known as ?I don?t care what I catch just as long as its big and tasty?) so we aim to…

Bohol deep sea divers face risks paying off debt
Compressor diving, or hunting fish through deep sea diving using an arrow and a hose connected to a compressor, is a unique skill that has for years drawn recruiters from Tawi-Tawi who hire men from Nocnocan to travel all the way to Bongao and Sitangkai

Jobs endangered by deep sea ban
AN experienced Scottish skipper has warned that outlawing deep sea fishing would cause unnecessary job losses in the industry. Peter Lovie, skipper of the Endeavour (BF515), urged fishermen and environmental groups to work together to achieve their common

In pursuit of a $500 million harvest, India is gearing up for a deep dive
Every year, an estimated Rs3,000 crore ($500 million) worth of tuna and other deep sea fish swim out of Indian waters and into the nets of fishermen in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. India doesn’t like this, but can do little, because fish


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