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Evening Secret Blog – Parts Of A Fly Fishing Rod

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Fly fishing is absolutely never complete without a fly fishing rod. A rod has several specifications and parts as well so before you decide on taking a splash for the fish you just can?t wait to get your hook in to, be sure you have an idea what your rod is really made of. First, although fly rods have different shapes and sizes; some are longer, heavier or more colorful than the others, the different parts of a rod doesn?t change at all. The important part of the rod is referred to the rod blan…

Fishing game is considered a mild therapy by many psychologists: a way to get in touch with nature and return to our true selves. Why do most anglers fish? Not because of their sustenance, that is for sure. Fishing has become a game and is done with recreational purposes. It is, so to say, a kind of meditation, a way to get out of the daily routine and feel part of nature. As in every game, special regulations are set for the fishing game. But most admired is the sportsmanship which exists be…


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October 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm

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