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Make the statement “all fishing rods are the same” and you are bound to get some laughter and more than a few lectures from experienced fishermen. There are almost as many types of fishing rods are there are types of game fish. There is simply no way that you could have a “one-size-fits-all” fishing rod. Below is a list of some of the different types of fishing rods, and explanations as to why they work well for the type of game fish that they were made for.
Bass fishing rod – The bass, both th…

Here’s What Deep Sea Fishing Actually Looks Like
The Luminox’s DEEP DIVE Automatic 1500 is a precision self-winding instrument that employs proprietary technologies pioneered for military special o Roberta Mancino Bikini Dives With, and Dodges, the World’s Fastest Fish Roberta Mancino travels to

Inside Pakistan’s Untapped Fishing Industry
Close by, fishing nets are being newly woven or repaired. A medium-sized boat (45 to 55 feet in length) carries anywhere from 20 to 25 fisherman; they go deep into the sea for a maximum of a month. The income fluctuates – if the catch is good each

Fresh bait: Fishermen free to fish again
KARACHI: Thousands of fishermen who live and work along Sindh’s coastal belt were allowed to go for deep sea fishing on Sunday morning after the provincial government lifted a ban it had implemented on October 30 as a precautionary measure. According to

Plan your Trip to Banten for Deep Sea Fishing, Beaches and traditional Baduy Culture
Strangely, when Jakarta residents go on holiday and at weekends their favored destinations are locations in the south of the capital city to Puncak and Bandung, in the heartland of West Java. Few think of going west to the neighboring province of Banten.

Letter: Thanks for the fishing
Thirty-four excited students embarked on the North Star Express for a dream-come-true deep sea fishing trip, along with their volunteer mentors and several school staff members. For two months prior to the field trip, the students were highly motivated to

Scientists on NOAA-led mission discover new coral species off California
“Deep-sea corals and sponges provide valuable refuge for fish and other marine life,” said Maria Brown, Farallones sanctuary superintendent. “Data on these life forms helps determine the extent and ecological importance of deep-sea communities and th


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