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One of the most preferred nature-friendly sports is fishing. Many people love fishing because it is that recreational activity which relaxes the mind. But not everyone who wishes to experience fishing is an expert when it comes to choosing the appropriate supplies for their adventure.One can find a number of fishing stores, but most of such stores sell unnecessary and expensive fishing accessories, just to make more money. They take advantage of innocence of the fishing novices. Below, you will …

Feeble policy focus on fisheries
Fishermen complain that even the fee collected from them by Fishermen Cooperative Society is not used for supporting them when they get out of jobs due to seasonal ban on deep sea fishing or when boats are recalled from the sea, as they were just recently

S.F. deep divers bring back catch from reef’s ‘Twilight Zone’
The scientists were on a mission from the National Science Foundation to explore deep-sea life in an area called the Coral Triangle. It is one of the world’s most biologically diverse regions. The rich variety of fish and coral species is unequaled

Allow deep sea fishing: forum
Indian fishermen should be allowed to catch fishing in the deep seas, said Vincent Jain, president of Fishermen Association for Deep Sea Fishing, here on Thursday. Addressing a seminar on ‘Protection of shark, policy on deep sea fishing,’ organised by

Bangladesh falls back in oil-gas exploration in the Bay
Bangladesh has failed to avail the opportunities opened up by its victory in the maritime boundary dispute. Deep-sea fishing and expanding international trade may take time, but it has preparations in place for oil and gas exploration. Yet this has not begun.

New Deep-Sea Coral Species Discovered Off California Coast
“Deep-sea corals and sponges provide valuable refuge for fish and other marina life,” Brown said. “Effective management of these ecosystems requires science-based information on their condition.” Before the research expedition two months ago, scientists

Deep sea divide
Oceana urges EU Member States to strictly adhere to the available scientific advice, and to consider impacts of deep-sea fisheries on all affected species when setting these fishing to non-commercial species, vulnerable corals and sponges, it is safe to


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