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‘Tis the season for all of the trout anglers in the United States to awaken from their wintertime slumber and hit their favorite body of water to do a little trout fishing. For most of us this means fishing in one of two ways: from the bank of a lake or wading in a river or stream. These are the two most popular ways to catch trout in the United States. Whether these trout are stocked or native, these are the two most popular methods and the two that will be discussed in this article.Lake Fi…

FISHING REPORT: Tautog season to get boost on Sunday
“The surf from the north end and around the jetties has been pretty consistent with schoolie bass activity,” said Ed Bronstein, Fin-Atics, Ocean City. “It’s kind of been an all-day bite, so long as you are fishing around the high water. Z-man Paddlers

Jersey Shore Fishing: Better striper prospects this weekend
Last weekend’s striped bass fishing, especially south of Manasquan Inlet, was so bad that it could hardly be anything but better this weekend. Yet, there’s reason to expect good action simply because the bunker schools returned this week and many large

Winter Bass Fishing Lures, Tips and Tactics
How important is retrieve speed in cold water? Some anglers may tell you that they fish just as fast in winter as they do in spring. However, most successful cold water anglers will tell you that slowing down the presentation is the best. Biologist and


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