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Evening Secret Blog – Night Catfishing Magic on Sprague Lake

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Some of the most enjoyable fishing I?ve done in the Inland Northwest has been the times spent night fishing for catfish on Sprague Lake.One of the reasons that I wanted to do an article on catfish fishing on Sprague Lake is that I recently learned of proposed plans by the WDFW, (Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife), to rehabilitate the lake this fall. It seems that the fishing angler density has fallen off the past few years to one of the lowest in the state. WDFW surveys say that the lake a…

KSU student uses stalking ordeal to inspire others
KENT, Ohio — Allyssa Griffiths was once a victim of cyber bullying and catfishing and is now filling up auditoriums at Kent State University, helping others make sure this doesn’t happen to them and letting them know that she’s taking control of her

The FBI can’t go ‘catfishing’
Government agencies sometimes do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish their goal of catching people engaged in criminal activities. However, there are times when even these agencies must ask themselves whether they are crossing the line.

‘Catfishing’ Gets Its First Legal Mention
Thanks to the Manti Te’o hoax, everyone now knows what it means to be “catfished.” The term was coined by a filmmaker named Nev Schulman as the title for his documentary about falling in love with a Facebook hottie who turned out not to be the person

Catfishing with Cory Gardner
What do you get when you cross a sports scandal with a liberal group determined to make sure Republican Congressman Cory Gardner doesn’t get elected to the U.S. Senate? You develop a faux “catfishing” website that part ridiculousness, part fun and


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