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The deep waters of the Indian Ocean along Tanzania’s coast are rich in big-game fish. Deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean’s waters from August to November provides really good sport for the big Yellowfin Tuna, one of the strongest fish in the area. The big Blue Marlin and a number of Striped and Black Marlin are also found, as well as sailfish, king fish, dorado, sharks, barracuda and many other IGFA species.

The waters of Tanzania are only just beginning to gain the world-wide fame which mea…

Five fishing tips for northern pike anybody can use
When you’re searching for a fun and active game fish, the northern pike is a great choice. They look a little unusual but they will certainly make your fishing trip an exciting one. This fish has a slender body, long head and a snout. They have a white stomach, olive green sides, dark spots on […]

Four walleye fishing tips to use in Michigan
Michigan is an excellent place to fish for walleyes. You can find this species all through this beautiful state in different lakes and rivers. Therefore, you can fish for them no matter where you live or where you’re visiting. Their glassy eyes reflect light and allow them to see well even in the dark so […]

Four fishing tips for walleye ice fishing
Many anglers hang up their fishing gear when the cold weather sets in but if you’re not ready to hang up your rods just because it’s cold outside, ice fishing is for you. Walleye ice fishing can be some of the most exciting you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing and with all the modern […]

Who holds the world record for the largest black crappie ever caught?
Who holds the world record for the largest black crappie ever caught? The largest black crappie every verified and that holds the record was caught in Lousiana in November of 1969. It weighed 6 pounds. It was 21. 25 inches long. The information though isn’t very specific about where it was caught or who caught […]

What are some black crappie predators?
What are some black crappie predators? There are several types of black crappie predators. When they are juveniles they will find that they are prey to just about anything. A very large percentage of them don’t live to be more than a few days old for this reason. Birds are also common predators of them […]

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